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Staying Alive 


Is an Amazon bestselling story of humour in adversity, of highs and lows and the need to push on when all around is crumbling.....

Above all, it is about operating in differing fields but with one constant - any error of judgement could be the last.

This book reflects a riveting, truthful and sometimes hilarious collection of stories from a man who continues to choose adventure in life over the mundane.


Published on the 23rd of October 2019 as a 9" x 6" paperback, a list of online stores can be found on the MEDIA  pages above

Both eBook and audio versions are also available. The contents of the book are taken from John Steele's times in the following jobs and situations.

  • Royal Naval Mine Clearance Diver.

  • Commercial Diver.

  • Motorcycle Racer.

  • Private Security Detail in Iraq.

  • Fishing Guide.

  • Ship-borne Somalian Anti-Piracy team leader.

  • Security Adviser in Nigeria.

  • Gold Prospector 230 km above the Arctic Circle in the Finnish wilderness.

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