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Amazon - Marine 1664

Pull up a sandbag you are in for a great dit folks .

This book shows what it takes surviving life. John has a great recollection in detail of events where confusion normally scrambles reality. Well written and enjoyable, hats off to your English teacher at the Scottish school you attended. Not only did I read the whole book out of interest I learned a great lesson in the constant struggle we have to survive especially when you are a bullet magnet!

Amazon - Alan

Edge of the seat reading with added laughs.

An amazing collect of life stories.
Early on takes me back to when I joined up in 79.
I will write a better review when I have finished reading this

Amazon - JP Brown

A brilliant adventure.

A fantastic book, the adventures will raise a smile, tense, an extreme life and John’s sense of humour will raise a wry smile. I couldn’t put it down. A mega interesting life , fingers crossed for a 2nd book

Amazon - Amazon Customer


John has a great descriptive ability that immerses you in the situations that he is sharing. A great read, thoroughly enjoyed the ride...

Amazon - GJP

A seriously good read.

I read this book in double quick time. The author has lead a seriously interesting and diverse life both at sea and on land and has existed in the 'Real World' where true evil and danger lurk to trap the naive, unwary and terminally politically correct among us.

Amazon - Bruce


An excellent and entertaining read, I can highly recommend this book.

Amazon - Ian Fleming

An excellent read.

An excellent read would highly recommend.

Amazon - John M Oliver

Entertaining, easy read of a life filled with adventure.

The stories had me in stitches about pranks well played and the appearance of Murphy's law throughout the authors life. It's an easy read about one man's adventures and exploits. Well enjoyed by myself and my wife as she became intrigued by my laughing and felt compelled to read sections from over my shoulder.

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